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Quilta Longarm Light

7/16" Quick Change Foot Wrench

Creative Studio 7 User Manual

Tension Arm, Bobbin Case

Timing device for Gammill

Felt ring for tension device

Needle alignment magnet

Longarm Needle, size 3.5/16/100, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, size 4.0/18/110, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, size 5.0/21/130, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, Ball Point, size 3.0/14/90, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, Ball Point, size 3.5/16/100, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, Ball Point, size 4.0/18/110, 10-pack

Needle bar, Optimum

Needle bar, Classic & "22"

Needle bar, Premier

Longarm Needle, Ball Point, size 5.0/21/130, 10-pack

Bobbin, size "M" for longarm (EACH)

Bobbin Case, Longarm

Backlash Spring, Koban

Backlash Spring, Towa

O-ring for on-board bobbin winder

O-ring for encoder

Longarm Needle Bar Set Screw

Hopping foot, trapunto

Spool holder, Vertical

Zipper Leader Ends, 12'

Zipper Leader Ends, 14'

Stand-alone bobbin winder

O-ring for stand-alone bobbin winder

Needle, DBxK5 size 75/11 Ballpoint-medium

Needle, DBxK5 size 65/09 Ballpoint-medium

Longarm Needle, size 4.5/19/120, 10-pack

Cone spring

Pins, Corsage 2"

Oil, Longarm, Quart

Oil, Sew-Rite 4oz

Check spring, longarm

Longarm Needle, size 2.5/12/80, 10-pack

Longarm Needle, size 3.0/14/90, 10-pack

Thread Guide, needle bar tip

Belt, drive, 17" for longarm

Laser Cord Clip

Quilt clamps (pair) w/velcro

Cable, Y Signal, Statler Mod G

Cable, Z Signal, Statler Mod G

Cable, Z Power, Statler Mod G

Motherboard, Plus machine (later version)

Motherboard, Plus machine (earlier version)


Creative Studio 7.1 User Manual

Flash Drive, CS7.1

Foam Handle Grips

GamGuide Jr.

Thread guide, large gooseneck

Thread guide, small gooseneck

Motor brushes (Statler systems)

Motor brushes - (hand-guided machines)

Motor, Gammill

Oiler bottle

Plug, inspection port (small)

Plug, inspection port (large)

Power Supply, Vision

Pulley, motor drive (5/16 shaft)

Pulley, motor drive (3/8 shaft)

Circuit board, encoder / sensor

Sewing hook, longarm

Horizontal Spool Holder

Bobbin winder shaft spring

Switch Box & Cable (Mod A-F)

Switch Box & Cable (Mod G)

Switch, On-Off

Switch, A-B

Switch, Rocker, Black, On/Off

Switch, C-D

Handle Switches (Pair)

Momentary Handle Switch

Switch, round green

Switch, round red

Switch, rectangular green

Switch, rectangular red

Switch, Power, Push-Button

Intermittant Tension Device

Rotary Tension Device

Set of wheels

Easy Glider Wheel

Z-Motor Drive circuit board

Bevel Wheel Kit (4)

Thread Guide, 3-Hole

Thread Guide, Pigtail

Thread Guide, Post

Thread Guide, Straight

Thread Stand Blade

Thread Lead-Offs

Maintenance kit, Plus/Statler

Maintenance kit, Vision


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