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Gammill Longarm Machines

At Gammill, we know that purchasing a longarm is a big investment and a serious decision. Our goal is to provide you with a machine that will stand up to the test of time and be an investment you can count on. That’s why our warranty covers commercial use and why our machines are built to produce a high volume of quilts for many years to come. Call or come by today and demo one of these amazing longarm quilting machines!


Statler Stitcher 30-12
Statler Stitcher Thirty-Twelve
Statler Stitcher 26-10
Statler Stitcher Twenty Six-Ten
Statler Stitcher 22-10
Statler Stitcher Twenty Two
Elevate Quilting System
Elevate Quilting System by Gammill
Vision 2.0 ~ 18-8 
Vision 18-8 With 10´ or 12´ Home-Pro Stand
Vision 2.0 ~ 22-10
Vision 22-10 With 12´ Pivotal Access Stand
Vision 2.0 ~ 26-10
Vision 26-10 With 12´ Pivotal Access Stand
Vision 2.0 ~ 30-12
Vision 30-12 With 12´ Pivotal Access Stand